Joy Sumner's report on the camp at Bucin organized for the children from Lidia and Dorcas Home and from Hannah project for TB Preventorium.

First of all, the gathering up of all the children who were going to the camp was an exciting time. The Hannah children were already on the bus* when Hannah and myself got on. Excited chatter! Then the Dorcas and Lidia Home children were added to the happy bus load of people.

Beautiful scenery on the way, in the bus. I decided to change seats to sit by one of the little boys who was tired and wanted to sleep, so that he could lean against me and have a rest. He was pleased to do so! And I enjoyed this privilege, thank you Lord.

The stop over at the Salt Mines - a first time for me, and for some of the children - was quite unlike anything I had seen before. Amazing. Those who had visited the Salt Mines before knew the routine, and helped out with looking after the younger children and those for whom it was their first visit.

I thought that this stop on the way to Bucin was a wise thing to do, giving everyone a much needed break in the journey. The next treat, after a short walk in the sun - with all the children being extremely well behaved, I must say - was ice cream for everyone. Cool and refreshing, again, just the right thing to do.

Back on the bus, and before too long, we arrived at Bucin camp. I could see that it looked different to the time when Graham and I were there, some years ago. Many new improvements have been made.

The bus was not able to get really near, so we had a short walk. A very kind young man (I think he was one of the Lidia Home boys) took my case and carried it right to the camp for me, as the road was not suitable for pulling it along.

So we were all happy to arrive at this beautiful place.

It was soon obvious that there had been much prayer and much planning beforehand, for the Lord's blessing was certainly upon all the different activities of the day. To our amazement, Indiana Jones came in, and announced that he would need all the children to help him in his quest and that he would return later to find out what they had managed to do.

We enjoyed our lunch together, and again it was clear to see that the dear ladies who were in the kitchen preparing our food had got everything prepared and under control. It is not an easy task to feed so many people - except of course for the Lord, and it almost felt a little like one of those miraculous times in the Bible stories, when we all sat down together and the delicious food appeared before us.

Much work went on, in the background, to keep everything moving along as it needed to do, and for myself, it was such a delight and honour to be able to be a part of this very special time.

We told the Gospel Story using the Wordless Book, with Maria, Lidia, Hannah and myself taking part, with translations too, so that everyone understood the important message. The song was sung both in Romanian and in English.

A brief rest followed, and then more fun. Five different stations had to be visited by the children (with Hannah and myself going around with them) and cards had to be stamped to prove they had visited all five of them. The end result - after much fun and games - was that the children had five beads to thread onto a cord, with each bead representing one of the page colours from the Wordless Book.


I believe we had just had our evening meal when Indiana Jones arrived again. He was very pleased with all that the children had done to help him, and everyone was given a little teddy bear.

The evening concert was another wonderful time. We sang praises to God in Hungarian, Romanian and English! There were plenty of action songs which the children (and even us older ones) could join in. In one of the songs, Hannah was asked to come forward and help demonstrate the actions, which she was very happy to do! The gospel message was again clearly told, not only in song but also in word, with the young man who sang and played guitar briefly giving his own personal testimony to the difference that God has made in his life, since putting his faith and trust in the finished work of salvation which Jesus died to give each and every one of us, whatever our age, whatever language we speak.

Unfortunately, the Hannah children had to leave us after the concert. I am certain this will not be their last time at Bucin camp. What an amazing experience for them.

Friday was another beautiful day, with the weather remaining sunny and fine. After another good breakfast, there was the cleaning and clearing up of the camp rooms and surrounding area to be done, so that all would be just perfect for when the next camps were held the following week.

We were all hopeful that our team of workers from the US would be able to join us for lunch. As it was their last day of working on the two homes, they of course wanted to do as much as they possibly could, before they left. And so it was that we all had to wait until around 3pm, and when we eventually saw them drive into the camp, we gave them a big cheer of welcome.

We enjoyed our last lunch at the camp together. There was time to take a few last photos, and then everything and everyone had to be packed into the vehicles to go back to Tg. Mures.

My overall impression of the camp was that it was full of happiness and the love of the Lord. Those who had organised this event had spent much time in prayer. Their desire was that God should have the glory and honour in all that was said and done at the camp, and that it would bring Him delight. The Lord blessed their faithfulness, hard work and all their efforts to show and tell the youngsters about the wonderful truth that God loves each one of us, and that we can become His child - born into His family for all time and eternity. Because of Jesus' obedience to His Father's will in going to the cross and taking the punishment our sins deserved, we can be forgiven and restored to the right relationship with God that He desires us to have.

'What can separate us from the love of Christ?'

The incredible answer to that is that NOTHING ever can. Praise Him.


*)The transport was offered by the local council of Tg.Mures